Hiya my name is Paul Walton and this is my “Just a Dad” blog page.

This page supports my monthly “Just a Dad” Podcasts

Just a Dad is aimed towards fathers who find themselves in a situation regarding access to their kids and or breakdown of a relationship which affects the kids.

The aim of the Podcasts is to help and inform with parenting, wellbeing and general support for fathers. An opportunity to hear various stories from people who you may or may not relate too.

Through my own personal experience with regards to access to my daughter, this has led me on a journey of meeting some amazing (and not so amazing) people, personal self-development and growth of a middle age man….Born out of this growth are the podcasts….

Each month I will be “In conversation with” various guests on all sorts of topics.

To keep things real, the conversations are raw and pretty much unedited

Cheers now…