Just a Dad Episode #2 – Sarah Page

In the 2nd episode, I am joined by Sarah Page.  Sarah and I first met in May 2018.  We both attended a Life Coaching course which was split over 6 months, so over that time, I got to know Sarah a little, and Sarah was someone who I never immediately “clicked” with!  At our last training session, a bunch of us went out to dinner and Sarah and I happened to sit together.  A few bottles of wine later, we both opened up about our lives a little and I was explaining about the “Just a Dad” podcast series.  Sarah was super keen to get involved.  We spoke about this a little and upon reflection, I thought Sarah’s story would be great to hear for fathers out there.  So here is our conversation and I hope you enjoy it……

I do hope you enjoy it and if so, please share share share!

Link to Just a Dad blog page – https://justadaduk.info/

Link to my Life Coaching page – ibeecoaching.com

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