The stress of holidays!

stress_holiday image


Through the courts, I have my daughter for 50% of the school holidays. That’s 6 weeks I need to manage as a single father, which has its challenges, considering normally people get 4-5 weeks holidays from their employer. That’s a different topic for another day….

Last year I took my little one to one of those Eurocamp holidays camping. We both loved it. We both loved camping. The Eurocamp sites are just brilliant for the kids. They all just get on with meeting new friends, running about, going swimming and joining in with the kids clubs. To me a little heaven for kids.

This year, I said to my little one with a very assuring presumption – “we’re going camping again for our holidays, right?” her response “na I just want to go to Scotland to see my family”

I was a bit taken aback by that, but because of money etc, I was ok with this option. Free accommodation visiting people is always a good thing right….

Now if you are like me, you do fully know that when you go home to visit, it is never a “holiday”. You are always running about visiting people etc. Family politics come into play and your siblings, parents, cousins or whoever has known you for most of your life all know how to just press the right buttons to wind you up!

I knew this trip would be like that and I wasn’t disappointed! Between all the running about, the family dynamics and making sure my weeone was entertained I am shattered!

I did manage to get a few nights off though. Reconnected with some very good friends and see some of the Edinburgh Fringe (with the recommendation I got from my friend being totally crap!)

It was good to go home etc. I think I managed to keep my cool to a certain level by my meditation. To keep me calm and sane – well that’s what I think, not sure what others think lol……

How do you deal with trips home etc……

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